Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Reform

Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Reform

Apprenticeships play a critical role in supporting Australians to access secure, well paid jobs. They create a pipeline of skills and talent in the Australian workforce, helping businesses to meet their current and future skills needs and realise the opportunities of a recovering economy.

Starting on 1 July 2022, the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive System will support a more inclusive and sustainable economy, ensuring Australians receive quality training while in paid employment.

Overview of the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive System

The $2.4 billion Australian Apprenticeships Incentives System will help get apprentices working in secure jobs that are in demand, filling skills shortages. It will help increase completions, providing financial and non-financial support at the time the apprentice needs it the most.

Government support under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive System will focus on priority occupations, ensuring support is targeted to the skills in demand in the Australian economy. Priority occupations are listed on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List 1 July 2022 (Priority List), which will be updated regularly. The Priority List is a list of 77 occupations, is based on analysis of the occupations in current shortage and future demand over the next five years and that are most likely to involve an Australian Apprenticeship entry pathway. 

Support will also be available to employers taking on Australian Apprentices in occupations not listed on the Priority List.

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