Construction Industry Small Business Workshops

Construction Industry Small Business Workshops

Lost in the marketing minefield? Need new ways of doing things? Want to save time and money and reduce your admin?

Learn how to spend more time on the tools, but improve your client’s experience in this ‘doing’ based workshop.

Come along to one of our two FREE workshops on Thursday 18th March (morning session 8:30am-12:30pm or afternoon session 1:00pm-5pm). Register for the session that suits you. Each session is limited to a maximum of ten participants.

Take advantage of technological trends and maintain an edge over the competition. Whether it’s artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet Of Things (IoT), or automation tools, there are now more ways than ever to scale your construction business.

The key to successful marketing is being able to determine your client’s needs and designing your business branding, systems and software, to support your service delivery.

Within this workshop, we help you to figure out exactly how you can improve on your branding and how you can then streamline and automate your business so that you can scale your way to success.

We do this by working with you to build out a branding guide, client, journey and business workflow that brings clarity and improved ways of doing things to every part of your client and operational experience.

You will be empowered with new options for systems and processes to save time, money and improve your business scalability, through optimising, streamlining and automation your business processes and ultimately the customer experience.

Participants will need access to a laptop to complete activities during the workshop.

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