Identifying the skills you need as the economy recovers

Identifying the skills you need as the economy recovers

THIS THURSDAY 17 September
11.00am-12.00pm AEST

Join other businesses who are looking beyond the COVID challenges in a webinar to discuss existing and new skills needed as the economy recovers, how to meet those skills needs, and how both industry and job seekers can be supported.

Megan Lilly, Ai Group’s Head of Education and Training, and Richard Parker, Managing Director, TEi Services, a Townsville manufacturing business delivering engineering services locally and internationally, will consider the huge disruption the pandemic has caused around Australia’s skills needs with practical examples of how businesses are planning for the future.

Earlier in the year skills in high demand related directly to the crisis. More broadly, as many operations switched online or business models were changed, other new skills had to be applied rapidly. But in some industry areas skills demand plummeted as businesses and jobs were put on hold or lost.

A welcome reaction to the pandemic has been an acceleration in industry innovation. An urgency has been created around immediate, short- and medium-term skills development. However, the challenge Australia now has in matching skills demand with supply through education and training only adds to a number of skills issues that faced industry before the crisis.

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