Jobs and Skill Summit Outcomes Summary

Jobs and Skill Summit Outcomes Summary

Labour shortages –

The Jobs and Skill Summit was held in Canberra from 1 to 2 September. CCIQ has been working with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) to put through the Queensland perspective at the federal level. Below are some highlights of key immediate policy outcomes from the Summit.

The Government and states and territories agreed to:

  • A $1 billion one-year National Skills Agreement that will provide additional funding for fee-free TAFE in 2023, while a longer-term agreement that drives sector reform and supports women’s workforce participation is negotiated
  • Accelerate the delivery of 465,000 additional fee-free TAFE places, with 180,000 to be delivered next year, and with costs shared with the states and territories on a 50:50 basis

The Government will:

  • Increase the permanent Migration Program planning level to 195,000 in 2022-23 to help ease widespread, critical skills shortages
  • Provide $36.1 million in additional funding to accelerate visa processing and resolve the visa backlog
  • Increase the duration of post study work rights by allowing two additional years of stay for recent graduates with select degrees in areas of verified skills shortages to strengthen the pipeline of skilled labour in Australia
  • Extend the relaxation of work restrictions for student and training visa holders until 30 June 2023
  • Widen the remit of the National Housing Infrastructure Facility, making up to $575 million available to invest in social and affordable housing.

The Government will:

  • Implement a Digital and Tech Skills Compact, with businesses and unions, to deliver ‘Digital
  • Apprenticeships’ that will support workers to earn while they learn in entry tech roles
  • Deliver 1,000 digital traineeships in the APS over four years

The Government will:

  • Provide Age pensioners with a temporary upfront $4,000 income bank credit to allow them to work and earn more before their pension is reduced
  • Strengthening reporting standards for large employers (500 or more employees)
  • Require businesses with 100 employees or more to report gender pay gap

Mental Health Package

CCIQ has been working with the Queensland Mental Health Commission and DESBT and key organisations such as Beyond Blue to recognise and support small business mental health and wellbeing throughout the past 2 challenging years. We played a crucial role in the development of DESBTs announced package of support for small business, earlier this year.

There are two programs in the work at CCIQ:

  • 1. DESBT’s Small Business Wellness and Support Package Program includes:
  • 6 new wellness coaches across Queensland. These coaches complement the amazing and supportive work of the Small Business Financial Counsellors.
  • access to a $3 million Small Business Support Services Fund to assist small business owners in alleviating stresses of their current situation, such as cash flow, financial planning and minor works.
  • supporting education and awareness activities to small businesses across Queensland

  • 2. Partnering with Qld Mental Health Commission, CCIQ will be assisting to raise awareness and education with small businesses across Queensland through a series of online and in person events across Queensland, beginning with Queensland Mental Health Week in October.

Future of Work report

CCIQ has been working a report titled The Future of Work for Queensland businesses, through our partnership with the Australian Retirement Trust. Input to this report includes survey responses from businesses, as well as workshops with chambers, corporate partners and HR managers in Queensland.

The report aims to reflect the emerging trends for the future of work in Queensland, as well as the risks and opportunities involved. We are aiming for a launch event on October 6 in Brisbane, to be held at the BDO office. There are also regional launch events scheduled, more details to follow soon.

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