Mentoring opportunity from the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

Mentoring opportunity from the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

I’m Jorunn, Communications Manager for the Helping Regional Communities Prepare for Drought Initiative programs at the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

I’m based just north of Rockhampton in Milman and am reaching out to you as a local stakeholder, thinking you or someone you know might be interested in this mentoring program. It has a focus on collective action and leadership.

Think getting volunteers to help or getting people on the ground to create positive change.

I attended the Chambers’ storytelling workshop in Yeppoon last year and I was so excited to see a local opportunity for professional development.

These opportunities are still far and few between living regionally.

As someone who lives and works in rural Australian communities, you might also have experienced how challenging it can be to get access to training and development opportunities.

You’ll have to get on a plane to get to a conference or hope that you cross paths with a great mentor in your workplace or personal network.

This 12-month program connects participants with a mentoring partner that’s right for them. Together, they figure out areas for improvement, set goals, make plans to achieve them and keep each other accountable.

Participants can sign up as a mentor or mentee (the person who would like a mentor). If they’re not sure which is right for them, they can simply apply for both. In reality, participants will grow personally and professionally in both roles. The great thing about mentoring is that it’s not one-sided and benefits are mutual for both people. 

This program is funded by the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

That means it’s free.

And it’s also targeted at people living in and working with rural, regional and remote Australian communities.

The Australian Rural Leadership Foundation has been dedicated to rural, regional and remote Australians for 30 years.

More than 2,000 people have re-evaluated their leadership styles and potential. They’ve gone on to create significant positive change in and beyond their communities, industries and organisations.

Here’s a summary again of what’s in it for participants:

  • A mentoring partner. 
  • 12 x 1-hour sessions with your mentoring partner over 12 months.
  • Optional learning sessions hosted by our experienced facilitators. Explore your personality profile, communication style and explore leadership styles and behaviours.

What participants need to bring:

  • An interest in personal and professional development and the desire to support your mentoring partner with theirs.
  • An interest in making a positive impact to rural, regional and remote communities. Think building resilience and preparedness for what the future holds (challenges and opportunities). 

More than 300 people have already completed this program over the past 2 years and we’ve got space for another 180. Applications close on 3 April for a start in June.

The stakeholder kit is attached to help you share the opportunity, but you may also wish to visit our website

If you have any questions, please reach out.

I would love to see Central Queenslanders take advantage of this opportunity.

Kind regards,


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