Regional Mobiles Infrastructure Inquiry – Survey for networks

Regional Mobiles Infrastructure Inquiry – Survey for networks

We encourage all Australians, particularly those living, working and/or conducting business outside of metropolitan areas to provide the ACCC with their feedback.

We are seeking views through an online survey. The survey will take approximately 10–15 minutes to complete.

The survey focuses on the following questions:

  • how are businesses and consumers impacted by a lack of mobile coverage?
  • would you support the provision of mobile roaming during emergencies?
  • where can mobile coverage be improved?

The survey closes on the 5th of February 2023.

The purpose of the ACCC Inquiry is to:

  • inform future Government policy decisions on the provision of regional, rural, remote and peri-urban mobile telecommunications services
  • investigate the feasibility of providing temporary mobile roaming during natural disasters or other emergencies.

More information about the Regional Mobile Infrastructure Inquiry is available at the Project Overview page, the Ministerial Direction page, and the Public Consultation paper.

The ACCC intends to publish a draft report on or before 14 April 2023. A final report is due within 12 months from the commencement of the Inquiry (by 30 June 2023).

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