Register now for the July lunch & learn at SmartHub Rockhampton – It’s a Big Wheel!

Register now for the July lunch & learn at SmartHub Rockhampton – It’s a Big Wheel!

Each month SmartHub Rockhampton facilitates a one hour Information Session for local businesses to learn new skills and improve their understanding of new or emerging trends in business. 

This session is going to focus on how innovation, combined with long term thinking has served us all well up until now.  How we are hamstrung by the short term thinking of the political process however we can overcome this with education and a willingness to accept and embrace change.   The “big wheel” for Brian is the wheel of his own life and where he is on that wheel at any given moment,  yet it represents only a tiny part of the biggest wheel, the human experience.

About Brian Bartlett

Brian is a Communications Technician with a long history of working in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia where innovation and implementing new technology was a daily requirement. He has specialised in wireless communications for most of his life and has strong interests in using low cost new technologies to benefit all which includes being a keen ambassador of the bicycle. He has been a member of the Alternative Technology Association for 25 years and is a volunteer teacher at the Rockhampton Regional Library Technology Centre. He believes that communication and smart tools make us what we are.

Date – Thursday 26th July 2018
Time – 12pm – 1pm
Location – SmartHub – Customs House, 208 Quay Street, Rockhampton
Cost – $10 for non SmartHub members, Free for SmartHub members
Included – A light lunch and refreshments.

Places are limited. Register here now –

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