Small Business is a BIG Deal

Small Business is a BIG Deal

It’s a simple statement but one that speaks volumes.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about small businesses and its importance to communities and the economy, but now with the election weeks away, all political parties need to show how they plan to back your success.

CCIQ has developed our 2020 Election Priorities focusing on the vital support you need now, but also on what needs to be invested in to generate and sustain businesses into the future.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll keep you informed about who’s committing to those policies, so you know who’s backing your business for success.

Help us make sure business remains front and centre during this election by joining and supporting our ‘Small Business is a BIG deal’ campaign.

Like and share our social media posts and tag in your local political candidates so we can amplify the voice of the business community across the entire state.

Importantly help us tell your story.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks, but we look forward to generating some positive momentum towards Queensland becoming the best place in Australia to do business.

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