The Digital Economy: implications for regional businesses

The Digital Economy: implications for regional businesses

The digitalisation of the economy provides challenges and opportunities for all sections of the global economy, including the regional economies of Australia.

Recent and impending technological changes to Australian and global businesses means regional business will have to adapt and change. And quickly.

The regional business that are able to identify the challenges and opportunities, and are able to adapt accordingly, will prosper and survive.

At our December meeting, Speaker James Scotland will consider the changes that are coming, and will provide FIVE ways regional businesses can prepare for the changes and thrive and survive in the future. James calls them ‘The FIVE for the Future’: Surviving and Thriving in the Digital Economy.

Issues such as blockchain, technology changes in mining, the resource sector and farming, 3D printing in manufacture, the changing workplace and end-to end barcode visibility of supply chains (including small suppliers in regional areas) will be discussed.

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