The Sun Sets – Farewell & Thank you Peter Peterson

The Sun Sets – Farewell & Thank you Peter Peterson

Sadly my journey helping you over the past four and a half years is coming to an end
after the Australian Government cancelled our program during last month’s budget.

To my clients, it has been a privilege to have met you and assisted you on your journey
to researching your option to start a business and to many of you to realise your dream come true.
I wish each and every one of you every success for your future.

To my stakeholders, a very big thank you for all your support, for without, I could not have
assisted the many hundreds of clients who have come to realise their dream over the past years.
I wish you all the very best for your future and once again, my sincere thanks to you all.

As Alexander Graham Bell famously said, when one door close, another opens, thus,
I will be putting my teachings into practice for myself – opening a new door.

So where to for assistance in future?

My role into the future will be delivered by Jason Herft the Business Navigator with IntoJobs.

The services remain free and include:

  • Small Business Training
  • Workshops
  • Business Plans
  • Small Business Coaching
  • Business Advice Sessions
  • Business Health Checks

You can contact Jason Herft here:

M:  0436 924 800

Once again thank you all for allowing me to part of your business journey and
I wish you all every success for the future.

Peter Peterson

0490 304 711

Your local facilitator for Fitzroy QLD

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