Your last chance to take a stand

Your last chance to take a stand

Today is one month since the Prime Minister called the election, and over that time thousands of Queenslanders have attended forums, decorated shop windows, and emailed candidates to send a simple message – Small Business is a BIG Deal.

Thousands more have used our website and social media to make three demands of our political leaders:

  1. Workplace laws based on facts, not scare campaigns
  2. Affordable power with lower emissions
  3. More focus on skilling local jobseekers

But the anti-business groups are advertising, cold-calling and canvassing at polling booths for changes which will make it even harder for small businesses to manage their workforce and pay their bills.

We need your help to send a message before the future of Australian business is decided on Saturday. Please join our campaign at to help stop more small businesses from going out of business.

We can double our influence if they add their voice at

In just four weeks, the Small Business is a BIG Deal campaign has attracted enough support to sway the eight Queensland seats held by fewer than 3,000 votes. The politicians are listening, but we need the numbers to make sure they act!

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