Beef Capital Cares Drought Appeal Concert – Great Western Hotel – Sunday Nov. 11

Beef Capital Cares Drought Appeal Concert – Great Western Hotel – Sunday Nov. 11

From Warren Acutt:


I’m after some help to make this charity concert as big as possible. To raise as much money for the QCWA Drought Appeal as possible. To be as entertaining as possible. To have as many people there as possible.

Some of you have already offered and gave help. Thank you. The advertising support for the event received has been really good. To see it advertised on multiple screens and hear about it on radio is fantastic. To have the immediate response from the locals muso’s was awesome.

I need help to keep spreading word about this charity concert and encourage people to start buying tickets now. Even just posting the attached file on your social media posts is very much appreciated.

PLUS, cash is needed to cover those unavoidable expenses in putting on a 9 hour concert, namely stage equipment hire. Naming sponsorship is currently available. To be linked with a strongly promoted event like this has got to be a positive for business.

Smaller cash amounts are also welcome. Why donate to this instead of direct to QCWA Drought Appeal? This charity concert has the potential to raise 10’s of thousands of dollars. Your $500 helps make this happen. And you’ll acknowledged at the concert for it.

Even products for a charity auction are appreciated Spitwater have already jumped in with their Pressure Cleaner valued at $4100. Russell Leonard has agreed to be the auctioneer. The Saleyards Hotel are providing product also. 

Please spread this email across your network, post about it on social media and give serious consideration to helping out with cash and/or product.

It is for a good cause and this charity concert has the makings of being something really special, due to it being a community driven event. A community that cares. Look forward to hearing from you.

– Warren Acutt

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