Is your business protected against cyber attacks?

Is your business protected against cyber attacks?

Business Chamber Queensland’s Digital Skills Hub opens a world of possibilities by giving you free access to hundreds of training courses – from an Introduction to Digital Marketing to understanding SEO to Demystifying ChatGPT, and everything in between.

The courses are available to anyone and can be undertaken at any time of the day that’s best for you, seven days a week. 

 All you need to do is register here to get started.

We have curated these 8 playlists for you, but in addition to these, you will also have access to thousands of other courses:

1. Marketing, social media and websites
2. Data Analytics for business
3. Cyber Security
4. Digital Technologies
5. Managing your customer’s journey
6. Digital in less than 5 minutes
7. Digital basics
8. Artificial Intelligence

Register now:

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