Lessons from Optus

Lessons from Optus

I was going to write about the Optus outage this month, but that seemed far too obvious.

Well, I still am – just from a different perspective. Instead, let’s look at three lessons we can learn from that.

1: Don’t be complacent. It’s very easy to think “the bad thing” will happen to someone else. Is your business reliant upon the best possible scenario occurring all the time? That would be a wonderful world to live in, but I don’t know anyone else there! It just might happen to you. There are many external factors that you don’t control. Which leads me to…

2: Have a “Plan B”. Risk management and disaster preparedness tend to be low on the list for small business owners. And I get it. You’re busy. There’s so much to do. But we live in a world where things can (and do) go wrong. From losing your telecommunications for a day to being impacted by flood or bushfire, these events aren’t that rare. Identify the risks specific to your business and have a backup plan ready.

3: How will you communicate with your customers? Many commentators have noted that Optus’ response to the outage was well below expectations. So that begs the question: if you have to reduce your service level to your customers unexpectedly, how will you communicate that with them? And when? And what will you say? 

Some things are unavoidable but having a plan, even a rough plan, will put you a step ahead when something happens. And the longer you have been in business, the more this becomes a case of when, not if.

On to brighter things, the 2023 Best in Business awards dinner is on 2nd of December at the Keppel Bay Marina in Roslyn Bay and tickets are on sale from Capricorn Enterprise’s website. Celebrate your wins. Running a business is hard work. You deserve it!

Our next coffee catch-up, thanks to CQ Shines, is at the Rocky Base Hospital Cafe on the 29th of November. Head to capricorniachamber.com.au to register so we can have your coffee ready when you arrive!

– Jason Foss

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