Meet our new committee

Meet our new committee

The Chamber held its Annual General Meeting at the Rocky Sports Club on 13 September.  All remaining committee members renominated but with several changing roles.

Phil Henry stepped down from the President position to take on a new role as Connections, representing the Chamber in other online and in-person forums.  His farewell President’s report outlined the work of the Chamber over the last 12 months and made some suggestions for new ways of distributing information to members into the future.  The committee changes still leave the task of running the Chamber to a quite small group.  With this in mind, a search for some additional members will be undertaken.

The new President is Jason Foss, who has been on the committee since 2015.  Jason will also retain marketing duties for the Chamber.  Having spent the last 26 years running a small business

Tanya Paul, who has been acting as Treasurer, has reverted to her previous responsibilities for organising events.  Geoff Lee, who was Treasurer previously, will return in a temporary capacity until a permanent occupant for that role can be found. 

Kirsty Carvey, who has been acting as Secretary, nominated for that role and has been confirmed.  Craig Gibbs will continue to look after membership.  Bank of Queensland North Rockhampton owner/manager, Michael Polkinghorne, was welcomed as our newest committee member. The Chamber’s monthly coffee catch-ups continue to grow, particularly as gold and silver members are now sponsoring these.  The next one is on Wednesday, 27 September at Hummingbird Café, Quay Street Rockhampton, sponsored by Galactic Donuts.  Register at and keep up to date with Chamber activities on LinkedIn and Facebook and Instagram.

– Jason Foss & Phil Henry

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