Viability Valuation workshop – Rockhampton

Viability Valuation workshop – Rockhampton

On behalf of Advance Queensland, Innovate Queensland will be delivering a free Viability Valuation workshop – focusing on translating ideas to outcomes. Knowing how to evaluate potential ideas and innovations translates to better long-term growth and greater return on your valuable time. 

Let us show you how. In this workshop, learn about:

-Commercialisation pathways – Idea development pathways

-Intellectual property – Creating and protecting assets

-Value proposition – How to use yours to attract investment

-Business models – Structuring for successful growth

-Entrepreneurial thinking – Positioning for new opportunities

The Viability Valuation workshop gives businesses and individuals an overview of the things to consider when looking at business and idea development. This workshop breaks down the important sections to cater for experienced businesses as well as those looking to grow, expand and develop a new product/service or business. It teaches entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial thinking when looking to position an idea and covers how tools such as innovation and collaboration can expedite the development of new and existing products and services

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